100% Whole Line

Grape Juice

Without adding water, colorants or sugars – the juice receives all the care from the harvest to your table, keeping the natural properties of the fruit and conserving the true flavor of the grape.

Serving size 200 ml (1 cup)

Amount per Serving%VD(*)
Calories 126 kcl or 500 kJ6
Carbohytrates 31 g, of which:10
Sugars ***31 g**
Food Fiber0,8 mg3

Contains no significant amounts of Proteins, Fat (total, saturated, trans), Dietary Fiber and Sodium

(*)% DV = daily reference values based on a diet of 2,000 kcal or 8400 kj. Your daily values may be more or less depending on your energy needs /

(**)DV not established

(***) Sugars from its own grape. No reduction in energy value.