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Vita Suco was founded in 1993 in the city of Mogi Guaçu, in the interior of the state of São Paulo. Today it is one of the largest Food Service companies in the country, being 100% national and operating throughout the Brazilian territory and abroad. There are over 25 years of experience with an extensive line of quality products, made with the best of raw materials.

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Develop, industrialize and commercialize products with the guarantee of quality standards, aiming at customer satisfaction and the needs of the food market.


Become recognized as the best juice and food company through professional technical development and management systems for safe food production, competitiveness, environment and social responsibility.


Ensure the return on investments and the quality of products and services through the process of continuous improvement. Improve technical training and skills development programs.

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Vita Suco products have a high quality standard, developed through exclusive formulas with the best raw material – the company focuses on quality and flavor through practical and easy to prepare products, offering much more benefits to the consumer.

Storage and


Vita Suco invests in the state-of-the-art technology so that the production, storage and distribution processes are optimized.

Our products are carefully organized so that there is no risk of physical, chemical or biological contamination and that their separation and shipment are carried out quickly and effectively. Our natural juices are stored in cold chambers monitored 24 hours a day, using sensors and temperature monitoring software that guarantee food quality and safety.

Much of the distribution is carried out by its own fleet composed of new vehicles and equipped with an isothermal cargo compartment, ensuring that products are kept at the right temperature throughout the journey – the entire fleet has a satellite tracking system, allowing full control of delivery routes for time optimization. In addition, all vehicles are cleaned and sanitized daily. In order for our products to be delivered throughout the country, partnerships are signed with large carriers that undergo a rigorous homologation process before hiring – and all drivers and helpers are trained in handling and transporting food, ensuring integrity products to their destination.

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